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Scioto Valley 99s

Central Ohio Chapter of the Ninety-Nines
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Upcoming Events

Chapter Meetings usually (but not always) are held in the T-Hangar offices, on the south side of the OSU airport, 2160 W. Case Road in Columbus.


The Scioto Valley Chapter of the Ninety-Nines occasionally awards a scholarship grant to help defray some of the flight training costs for a deserving Ohio woman.

Depending upon the specific award, this scholarship assistance may be applied toward a primary or an advanced rating, in balloons, gliders, or airplanes. The detailed benefits and requirements are outlined in printable scholarship documents referenced below.

The documents mentioned are in PDF (Portable Document Format), and you may print copies of them if you wish.

The margin settings on the Scholarship Application documents should be satisfactory for most printers using letter-size paper when the page-scaling option is set to None on your printer setup page. If your printer cuts off some of the text, you may need to temporarily change the scaling to Fit to Printable Area (or similar option) on your printer setup page before sending the document to your printer.

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